Schedule and Fees

Beginner and Advanced Classes:

Sparring Classes (Advanced Only):


FIRST 2 CLASSES FREE!!! Quarterly dues should be paid before or at the third class a student attends. Gear includes boxing gloves (must be 16oz) and shin protectors (must cover shin and instep), and can be purchased from Stanford Muay Thai. If you wish to purchase gear on your own please ensure that the gear is high quality, gloves are 16oz, and shin guards have an instep protector. If you own gear, please ask an instructor to judge the quality. You aren't required to have gear to attend the initial beginner classes - just come and see what it's all about!

Quarterly Dues

FREE pair of handwraps and a mouthguard for newcomers that pay their dues!!!

$50 Stanford affiliates (Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni)

$60 Non-Stanford affiliates


If purchased through Stanford Muay Thai:

$65 boxing gloves

$15 shin protectors

$75 boxing gloves + shin protectors

$5 hand wraps

$10 groin protector

$1 mouthguard

Additional training gear such as kicking pads, head protectors and Thai pads will be provided by Stanford Muay Thai.